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Stable operation of SubSite 750 and 752

To confirm the operability of the SubSite-750/752 system, it is necessary to check what it shows during calibration. With a serviceable beacon-sonde 86V, the signal level should correspond to the two or three horizontal dashes (boost) and to about half of the vertical dashes (the signal itself). All these elements are displayed in the upper part of the device monitor. If there are more horizontal dashes (5-7), the device is faulty, or, which is extremely rare, the sonde has lost signal strength.

What if the sonde consumes more battery?

If you think the sonde has become fast to drain batteries then this article is for you. There are three main causes for the fast discharge of batteries:

  1. Sonde malfunction is the main cause of an unexpected increase in current consumption.
  2. Unreliable or dead batteries — confidently take the second place.
  3. Poor-quality drill head — less often, but it happens, especially if homemade.
Line of objective: 2018 through 2019
After crazy pre-Christmas and New Year days when we were losing our voices due to dozens of phone calls and when we barely managed to pack parcels with sondes, after a long New Year's weekend, which, by the way, was also filled with work, but it was research, it’s time to take stock.
Causes of incorrect sonde location display. Location verification method in field
Correct display of the sonde location underground on the locator is one of the most important readings throughout the puncture path. In this article, we will talk about the causes for the incorrect display of the sonde location and its slant value. We will describe in detail how to check the location in the field.
Convenient caps for HDD sondes
We have reinvented caps for the sondes. For three years we have been persistently improving characteristics of the sondes. We have put on the market low-power, dual-frequency and even sondes with switchable power but patiently kept away from the issue of convenience of inserting batteries.
88BG – a small-size and highly-precise sonde for SubSite 750/752 and DitchWitch TKq
We would like to present to you our new high-precision sonde for HDD mini-machines and drilling units. The small-sized sonde 88BG for SubSite 750/752 and SubSite TKq is unique in its high-precision — 0.1% tilt measurement error. Earlier there was only 88B beacon known for its 1% precision error.
Extended 180-day warranty for sondes
We extended warranty period for sondes series F, Eclipse, Mark, SubSite up to 180 days.
Battery compartment preventive maintenance
Common cause of the sonde’s failure is contact oxidation in the battery compartment. It is not a big deal but it may break contact between electronic components and the battery inside the sonde’s body. Oxidation can be eliminated only at complete disassembly of the sonde. To avoid failure follow the 3 simple rules: monitor, clean, lubricate.
New Dual-Frequency Sonde FX12/19 for F2 и F5 location systems
We would like to present to you the new dual-frequency sonde FX12/19. FX12/19 was developed in Nagovitsyn Engineering by combining two frequencies, 12 and 19.2 kHz, in one sonde. Now you don’t need to have two sondes of different frequencies, FX12 and FX19, to drill with DigiTrak F2 location in high interference conditions. At the same time we increased operating time from the set of batteries twice if to compare it with the original single-frequency sonde.
FX12/19 (FXL12/19) guide to frequency installation for use with DigiTrak F5 location
FX 12/19 (FXL12/19) dual-frequency transmitter, as well as other multi-frequency transmitters for location systems, is effective in high industrial interference environment. It operates both in the range of 12 kHz and 19 kHz.

To select the frequency of optimum transmission go along the drilling route twice with the locator switched on and the transmitter switched off. First time you go, select 12 kHz frequency. When you go for the second time, set 19 kHz frequency. Select the frequency with the lowest level of interference.
Recommendations for use of FX12/19 (FXL12/19) Dual-Frequency Transmitter as part of F2 Location System
FX 12/19 (FXL12/19) dual-frequency transmitter, as well as other multi-frequency transmitters for location systems, is effective in high industrial interference environment. It operates both in the range of 12 kHz and 19 kHz. Instructions describe how to set the frequency of optimum transmission and to adjust F2 location system and the transmitter.
86BGH transmitter for Ditch Witch SubSite 750/752 location – our new product
SubSite 750/752 TKR location is considered to be mostly used for DitchWitch drilling rigs which very often work with 86B, 86BH, 86BG transmitters and their modifications. Among disadvantages they have is the relatively low power capacity of 86B transmitter, the irregular «appetite» of 86BH transmitter and completely impossible current consumption of the highly-accurate 86BG transmitter. Moreover, due to the electronic unit construction peculiarities, all these transmitters have a feature of «spontaneous behavior» in different drilling heads — temporal loss of signal.
Retrofitting of FX12 and FX19 sondes
Location operators of DCI company noted that they often do not have enough battery life for the sonde and they cannot complete another puncture. They are looking for more powerful batteries or they use lithium batteries of SuperCell type.
Batteries for Mark and Eclipse locators operate only at 70% capacity? How can we use full capacity?

Here are some facts. In 2012-2014 DCI company stopped the production of Mark and Eclipse locators and almost immediately ceased to sell component parts for them. Original chargers were no more for sale and there came the Chinese analogs (actually, they came before).

Comparison of lithium batteries Double C (CC) for sondes of HDD rigs
The vast field of HDD comprises a number of completely different reviews on the operation of lithium batteries. Such manufacturer as EPS (US) is known to produce the so called “long-lasting” SuperCell batteries, apart from other batteries reviews on which can be right the opposite from completely negative to absolutely positive.
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