We produce the highest-quality transmitters for horizontal directional drilling since 1999 years
For wholesalers

HDD Sondes Wholesale Terms and Conditions for International Partners

The manufacture of HDD sondes, Nagovitsyn Engineering LLC, offers you to become a new distributor in your country.

Terms and conditions:

  • 30 to 70% discounts
  • DigiTrak, Ditch Witch, Radiodetection Location Sondes (transmitters, beacons)
  • 1-year warranty in operation, 3-year warranty in stock

Earn More with Upgraded HDD Sondes

Location operators like working with our sondes

They are not just sondes but their improved versions which provide

  • greater working depth
  • extended operation with a set of batteries
  • fast and more accurate data transmitting

Everything is done for the successful drilling!

Technical support of experts in location systems: In addition to being the manufacturer, we conduct regular field tests and sonde tests with drillers. We will help you to explain the customer how to work with the location and how to pass complex objects.

Competitive price for sondes: Location sondes are much cheaper than the original ones. For example, the original FT2 costs $ 3,800 while our sonde (for Falcon F2 only, not for F5) with the same quality parameters is $ 2,500. Moreover, you will also get your additional wholesale discount, of course. Write to us and learn more about our wholesale discounts: sales@hdd-electronics.com

Distributors from all over the world choose sondes by Nagovitsyn Engineering LLC

Availability of sondes for old location models. The sondes for Mark, Eclipse or 750 Tracker are no longer available from official distributors. When on the market you can find either used or repaired sondes, which quality may be doubtful, we offer new sondes for outdated location systems.

Unconditional return. In the event of a warranty case, we take the replacement costs.

Warehouse stocking with top sonde models. It is important for us that when a customer contacts us we can supply the sonde that he needs. Therefore, we are interested, as well as you are, that you have sufficient quantities of all top called positions and items of average demand in stock at your warehouse. We will find acceptable terms and conditions to achieve this aim with you.

Marketing support. Customers who come to us from your region are immediately redirected to you. Our official website will contain all your contacts for communication.

Terms and Conditions

We will answer all your questions and tell you about wholesale discounts, and how to deliver quickly, and we will help you make the list of sondes for your first order.

E-mail to:

or write on WhatsApp

You can find sondes by Nagovitsyn in already 12 countries of the world

Each country may have several representative offices, for example, there are already 10 of them in Russia.

USA Poland Turkey
Russia Romania Iraq
Brazil Bulgaria Germany
South Africa Kazakhstan India

Close quality control

We are aimed at making the perfect sonde. Therefore, quality control is incorporated at every stage of production.

After the sale, we follow every feedback. 80% of calls, these are questions on how to find the best way to pass the object and not about the real breakdown of the sonde. In the event of a sonde malfunction during the warranty period, we unconditionally replace and carefully study the cause of the failure. We are constantly improving the methods of control of manufactured products.

We are the location sondes manufacturer — Nagovitsyn Engineering LLC, a widely known company

We not only manufacture location sondes, our specialty is their modernization in accordance with the needs of our customers. Our sondes make working deeper, operate longer on one set of batteries, and transmit more accurate readings faster to the locator. Everything is done for the successful drilling!

Alexander Nagovitsyn came up with the idea to repair the sondes when no one knew about it. Today, it is the team of engineers and assembly line production that can scale for new and new volumes.

We are located in Russia but our sondes are already sold in 12 countries around the world.

More than 11 thousand sondes have been produced and sold since 1999

Contact us

We will answer all your questions and tell you about wholesale discounts, and how to deliver quickly, and we will help you make the list of sondes for your first order.

E-mail to:

or write on WhatsApp

Top 6 prospective countries and regions:

  • France
  • Czech Republic
  • Italy
  • China
  • Great Britain
  • Australia