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Repair of locators

Repair of locators and remote displays of DigiTrak and SubSite location systems

We repair location systems for HDD: DigiTrak Mark III, Mark IV, Mark V, Eclipse, F2, F5, SE, DitchWitch (SubSite) 750/752. The warranty on repaired location systems is 180 days. At repair, we eliminate arising problems and carry out maintenance works to avoid possible malfunctioning in future. Our motto is — we repair locations rejected by other companies.

repair location HDD
We carry out repair of the locator/remote display:

  • when the casing of the locator or the receiver/remote display is broken and their efficiency is lost;
  • when there is no connection of the locator with the remote display;
  • in case of moisture in the locator or remote display with the loss of their efficiency;
  • in case of incorrect operation of the locator or remote display (for example, when they fail to switch on or to switch off till the battery is out, when the modes are incorrectly set).

We undertake preventive maintenance of the locator:

  • when the position of the transmitter is incorrectly displayed (calibration, excitation);
  • in case of significant errors of depth measurement (excitation of receiving channels).

We replace broken glass and displays.

We replace buttons and repair the joysticks.

In fact, every fourth inquiry on a broken locator ends with the distanced repair after detailed consultations. It’s all a matter of interference, misconfiguration or failure of the transmitter (beacon).

If the locator got drowned in the water or it was squeezed by a bulldozer — it is exactly when you need repair))). In our experience, every fourth call to the company to repair the locator or remote display ends with our detailed tips on its proper setting and understanding of where to look for the cause of incorrect operation of the location system.

  • If periodically you lose ALL data on the display of the locator, the first thing you should check is the level of active interference on the drilling track. For example, the value of interference equal to 300 (DigiTrak) will give erratic display of data from the depth of more than five meters.
  • If the displayed data is incorrectly shown on DCI company locators, check the regional convergence of the locator or transmitter.
  • If the remote display shows no data even near the locator, recheck and reset ALL the settings pairing the locator to the remote display. For example, multifunctional displays often have the function of random reset of frequency region (US is set automatically, rather than UK).
  • If you have doubts about the position of front/rear location points (DigiTrak), try any of these points to gently rotate the locator to the full rotation around the vertical axis passing through the center of the antennas (the front part of the «foot» of the locator). If the ball keeps still, the locator is healthy and it is necessary to look for an external reason (passive interference from nearby metal parts or pipelines).
  • If, for example, you cannot switch the arrows on SubSite 750/752 (when you click the button to switch on the arrows and the backlight is switched on/off instead), the locator is functioning properly, but failed due to incorrect pressing of buttons. You need to press and hold the down arrow button, and then switch on the locator. After three to four seconds, release the button, the arrows switch mode will come back to normal.
  • If at locating with the transmitter even close to the locator the display shows no data and it displays only crosstalk, then either the transmitter is faulty or the frequency of the transmitter is incorrectly set, or the transmitter does not match the type of the locator used.
  • If there is a steady signal from the transmitter (the transmitter is near the locator), but the data is not displayed correctly or missing, the transmitter does not match the type or regional affiliation of the used locator, or it is simply faulty.

Contact us to get free advice

If you have any doubts about whether the locator is faulty or not, please, contact us via email sales@hdd-electronics.com
We will be happy to help you and answer all of your questions — it is absolutely free of charge ;-)


Nagovitsyn Aleksandr Leonidovich, Founder and Leading Engineer

Repair of location systems only in Russia

We sell the repaired transmitters and accept for repair unique defective transmitters. However, ways of transportation of repaired location systems outside of Russia are still under consideration.

If you want to repair your location system, bring or send it to Chelyabinsk, Russia. Primarily, we will carry out remote diagnostics via Skype or any other way convenient for you. You will tell us about troubles that have happened with the locator before failure — it will give us the opportunity to understand the cause of breakage and determine approximate dates of repair, and we may appoint the meeting day when we will be available to repair your location system.

Email your questions on repair and suggestions on transportation of location systems to: sales@hdd-electronics.com