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Retrofitting of FX12 and FX19 sondes

Retrofitting of FX12 and FX19 sondes

Location operators of DCI company noted that they often do not have enough battery life for the sonde and they cannot complete another puncture. They are looking for more powerful batteries or they use lithium batteries of SuperCell type.

fx12 fx19 sondes for digitrak F2 or F5

We decided to help our customers as we deal with in depth repair of HDD sondes since 1999. Having examined electronics in sondes, we revealed hidden opportunities to reduce power consumption from the batteries while maintaining the signal power transmitted by the sonde to the location receiver, i.e. we found the opportunity to enhance the effectiveness of the sonde. After having tested the experimental samples, we were surprised by the results.

Maintaining the signal power, current consumption from the battery in FX series sondes has been decreased TWOFOLD.

If in the operation mode, for example, current consumption of the original FX19 sonde is about 110 mA, then current consumption of the upgraded sonde is 45-55 mA. In the drilling head due to the reduction of the soundness of the magnetic antenna the current consumption increases by approximately 70-100%, but the upgraded sonde still consumes significantly less than the original sonde - inside the drilling head current consumption is 100-120 mA, i.e. as if there is no drilling head!

We also solved the problem of increasing operation maintainability of sondes in the churn drilling rigs - attachment of electronic elements which usually fall away with impact is reinforced.

Generally, we are ready to modernize FX12 and FX19 sondes aiming at substantial extending of the work from one set of batteries, and we also sell refurbished and already upgraded FX12, FX19 sondes of 1 and 4 region.

We offer upgraded sondes
FX12 grey sonde
FX19 black sonde

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