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Major improvements in HDD sondes in 2019

Summary by Alexander Nagovitsyn: major improvements in HDD sondes in 2019 and development prospects in 2020

major improvements in HDD sondes

2019 came to an end. This was in many ways a controversial year for us.

Moved to new spacious premises

In April the production process began to be tossed around in connection with multiple relocation from office to office in the same production building at the request of the lessor. In just a year we moved three times. But last time we moved to our own premises at a new address and that was good. As they say, no great loss without some small profit.

Improved sonde response accuracy

Another trouble awaited us closer to the fall. Unstable operation of our sondes was detected at increased rotations of the drill head. A thorough study of the sondes behavior on a special stand revealed the incorrect operation of a new type of the tilt sensor with our filtering algorithm. And again, every cloud has a silver lining! It was possible not only to eliminate the defect but also to significantly increase the accuracy of the response from the sonde. Now we receive only positive reviews.

Going to extend sonde warranty

«Mistakes correction work» led to another positive result: failure analysis showed that random failures, that is, not correlated with each other, accounted for approximately 1% of all sonde failures within their warranty period. What does it stand for? Right, it’s very easy — you should expect the extension of the warranty period for all our sondes soon.

Developed a new sonde for 8500 TK location system

Another «best card» of our company is the release of new products: new modes in the existing sondes or new types of sondes. I am pleased to inform you that the DW-85D sonde (high-precision dual-frequency sonde) for 8500 TK location system has been completed. In Russia, the system is not so well-known but common in Australia, the USA and Europe.

Closed battery testing for sondes is coming to an end

At a new location we are rebranding our lithium sonde batteries. The main condition is reliability. Tests of the new sets at the customers’ - within six months already — showed high resistance to shock and vibration. The main disadvantage has been eliminated — the battery failure at drilling fluid getting into the battery compartment of the sonde.

Conducted a dozen tests for a new method of measuring depth with passive interference

In 2019 our research and field tests led to the birth of a completely new way to measure the exact depth of the drill head in all conditions, up to drilling under a thick layer of reinforced concrete. Passive interference surrendered! The method of accurate calculation of the sonde depth underground is patented.

New sondes and useful devices, and improvement of existing ones are ahead

In the new year we will try to even more surprise our customers with innovations. The plans also include release of new sondes and the introduction of the improved automated quality control system, and new developments of useful devices. The plans, as always, are extensive!

May 2020 bring all of us new achievements, complex but feasible projects and success backed up by our common efforts!

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Nagovitsyn Aleksandr Leonidovich
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