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86BGH transmitter for Ditch Witch SubSite 750/752 location – our new product

86BGH – beacon for Ditch Witch SubSite 750/752 location

SubSite 750/752 TKR location is considered to be mostly used for DitchWitch drilling rigs which very often work with 86B, 86BH, 86BG transmitters and their modifications. Among disadvantages they have is the relatively low power capacity of 86B transmitter, the irregular «appetite» of 86BH transmitter and completely impossible current consumption of the highly-accurate 86BG transmitter. Moreover, due to the electronic unit construction peculiarities, all these transmitters have a feature of «spontaneous behavior» in different drilling heads — temporal loss of signal.

We have had an attempt, and I think it was a success, to combine all the best properties of series 86 transmitters in one transmitter for SubSite 750/752 and eliminate their faults.

86BGH transmitter for Ditch Witch SubSite 750/752 location – our new product

86BGH — combines best properties of series 86 transmitters

Below you will find the table to compare the parameters of series 86 transmitters.

86B 86BH 86BG 86BGH
Operating depth without interference 15.24 m 21.3 m 15.24 m 22 m
Pitch accuracy measurement ±1% ±1% ±0.1% — at pitch up to 45%, and 1% — at pitch from 45% tо 100% ±0.1% — at pitch up to 45%, and 1% — at pitch from 45% tо 100%
Current consumption in open space 30-50 mA <75 mA <170 mA 22-25 mA
Off-line operation time, alkaline cells: Energizer, Duracell of standard size C 50 hours 35 hours 18 hours 70 hours
Off-line operation time, lithium battery of TWIN type 125 hours 90 hours 45 hours 175 hours

±0,1% pitch accuracy — equivalent to 86BG transmitter

Optional but a very important feature of the new product is a combination of 86BG highly-accurate properties in one transmitter required to build drain and sewage lines. All in one!

175 hours operation — excess of 86B transmitter

The unique product has been created. At pitch positioning accuracy equal to ±0,1% — absorbed current is only 25 мА in the open space. Operation time with lithium batteries of TWIN type is 175 hours or 70 hours with alkaline cells (in the drilling head).

Compare operation time of original transmitters with alkaline cells:

  • 86B — 50 hours,
  • 86BH — 35 hours,
  • 86BG — 18 hours.

22 meters operation depth — equivalent to 86BH transmitter

At ultralow absorbed consumption operation distance increased to 22 meters — our transmitter is equivalent to the borehole transmitter 86BH.

NOTE: how to assess the maximum operating depth of HDD transmitter using SubSite 750/752 location

Specification of transmitters gives the maximum depth of data receipt (pitch, roll) in perfect conditions without active interference. The factual operating depth is undersized. For HDD location, for SubSite 750/752, you may follow these rules:

  1. Turn off the transmitter after calibration.
  2. Measure «the virtual depth» by the interference signal (press the button «DEPTH» and watch the depth data). The factual maximum operating distance (depth) of the steady data receipt from the transmitter will be approximately 70% of the «virtual depth».

Root problem — temporal loss of signal at antenna’s failure is eliminated

While creating the new transmitter the cause of temporal loss of signal, which mostly series 86 transmitters have, was eliminated. The signal was lost due to antenna’s failure — mechanical damage of the ferrite core. The ferrite core is fragile and breakable on impact or severe vibration. Due to the failure of antenna there appeared the temporal loss of the signal as it was impossible to maintain the set level of power. We have transformed antenna’s control system and now, at antenna’s failure, the power level remains the same. The absorbed current slightly increases — with the common battery the transmitter will operate 50-60 hours, not 80 hours. But you may not notice this at all ;-)


We managed to develop the new 86BGH transmitter due to many years of repair experience of SubSite transmitters. For example, in 2011 we manufactured on order the transmitter for SubSite 750 with the operating distance of 27-28 meters to drill under the river. It is very often that we receive transmitters which lose signal due to the broken antenna for repair. We have elaborated the new method to power-supply the antenna, even if it is broken, the transmitter keeps on operating at the same level of power.

As a result, series 86 transmitters were modernized into series 86BGH transmitters. The operating depth is 22 meters, pitch accuracy — 0,1 % and operation time —175 hours.

86BGH beacon for SubSite 750/752

86BGH transmitter is available for our customers.

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