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New Dual-Frequency Sonde FX12/19 for F2 и F5 location systems

FX12/19 – new Dual-Frequency Sonde for F2 и F5 location systems

We would like to present to you the new dual-frequency sonde FX12/19. FX12/19 was developed in Nagovitsyn Engineering by combining two frequencies, 12 and 19.2 kHz, in one sonde. Now you don’t need to have two sondes of different frequencies, FX12 and FX19, to drill with DigiTrak F2 location in high interference conditions. At the same time we increased operating time from the set of batteries twice if to compare it with the original single-frequency sonde.

New Dual-Frequency Sonde FX12/19 for F2 и F5 location systems

Sonde is compatible with DigiTrak F2 and DigiTrak F5.

Dual-Frequency Sonde for F2 location: how it was developed

When drilling a pilot bore in Moscow, we had to go diagonally below power transmission lines approximately 50 meters. But F2 location was losing signal of FX12 sonde even at short distance away from power lines. The technician asked us what to do? And he was advised to firstly go along the future drilling route with the location and compare the level of interference on different frequencies. As it turned out interference below power lines on 12 kHz frequency exceeded 500 units, when on 19 kHz frequency interference was at the level of 180 units. The customer purchased FX19 sonde, after that drilling below power lines was no longer a problem for him.

Forward HDD in Moscow

F2 location was losing signal of FX12 sonde when drilling below power lines. The crew were waiting for FX19 sonde to arrive.

What if we have already had a universal dual-frequency sonde for F2 location, the same as F5D 19/12 for F5 location? You simply compare interference along the drilling route, choose the necessary frequency and start working. But this variant of the sonde for F2 location was not provided.

Since 2009, when F2 location was produced, we have been regularly asked for an extra restored sonde of another frequency. That is why we elaborated an engineering solution which permitted it to transform any FX sonde into the dual-frequency FX12/19 — it is a proprietary product.

Before switching on the sonde choose FX12/19 frequency

FX12/19 frequency is chosen during the initial switching on the sonde, at installing or replacing the batteries.

If the sonde is tilted with its head down, then, after installing the batteries and jolt rotating of the sonde, in 3-4 seconds it will start operating on the frequency of 12 kHz.

If the sonde is tilted with its head up, then, after installing the batteries and jolt rotating of the sonde, in 3-4 seconds it will start operating on the frequency of 19 kHz.

Peculiarities of how to use FX12/19 sondes with F2 or F5 locations are described in detail in recommendations for application:
FX12/19 guide for F2 location
FX12/19 guide for F5 location

Sonde operates twice longer as compared to original FX12 or FX19 sondes

New FX12/19 sondes are developed in accordance with the existing technology of increasing operating time at saving signal power for series FX sondes.

Price for Dual-Frequency Sonde

FX12/19 sonde is an alternative for use of two sondes, FX12 and FX19. Each new sonde is sold at the price of $2.950; 2 sondes — $5.900. FX12/19 sonde costs $1.895, i.e. a savings of at least $4,005.

The sonde is provided with 180-day warranty period which twice exceeds the factory warranty.

We deliver our sondes world wide. Shipment is free of charge. Visit our store to choose your dual-frequency sonde FX12/19.

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