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FX12/19 (FXL12/19) guide to frequency installation for use with DigiTrak F5 location

FX12/19 (FXL12/19) guide to frequency installation for use with DigiTrak F5 location

FX 12/19 (FXL 12/19) dual-frequency transmitter, as well as other multi-frequency transmitters for location systems, is effective in high industrial interference environment. It operates both in the range of 12 kHz and 19 kHz.

To select the frequency of optimum transmission go along the drilling route twice with the locator switched on and the transmitter switched off. First time you go, select 12 kHz frequency. When you go for the second time, set 19 kHz frequency. Select the frequency with the lowest level of interference.

Operators manual FX12/19 and DigiTrak F5

Adjustment of transmitter and F5 location.

FX 12/19 (FXL12/19) transmitter uses the same data transfer protocol as transmitters FX 12 and FX 19 that is why you have to choose only F-series types of transmitters from a variety of other transmitters.

Step 1. Set the operating frequency of 12 kHz on F5 location

Use the toggle to select the bottom-right option with the icon depicting the transmitter in the Main menu window. By pressing the button, go to the next page of the menu to select the type of the transmitter. The menu windows differ depending on the location production year.

With the "new“’ location type you should select the “F-series” option (top central) and then, by pressing the button, go to the submenu to the direct selection of FX (“F19” or “F12”) transmitter.

In “old” locations you immediately run into the submenu of the direct selection of the transmitter listing all the diversity of transmitters which can operate with this location. Use the toggle to select the “F19” or “F12” transmitter. Press and hold the button till you hear the signal and move to the Main menu of the location options. For example, the picture below shows the sequence of moves to select the operating mode for the FX12 (FXL12) — (12 kHz) transmitter.

Operators manual FX12/19 and DigiTrak F5

F5 location menu sequence to select “FX12” mode

Step 2. Go along the future drilling route with location switched to 12 kHz frequency, without the transmitter

Having selected the 12 kHz frequency (when working with transmitters FX12 (FXL12) — “F12”), go along the future drilling area (without the transmitter!) from the beginning till the end and mark the places with the highest level of interference (bottom right-side numbers on the display in the navigation mode shown alongside with indications of the location of the transmitter, clock/ time, roll/pitch and temperature).

Step 3. Switch the location to 19 kHz operation and recheck the drilling route

Switch the location to FX19 (FXL19) transmitter mode (“19 kHz” operation frequency, as described in art. 1), go in the opposite direction along the drilling route and again mark the places with the highest level of interference.

Step 4. Select the frequency of optimum transmission and connect the transmitter to the location

Compare the interference levels obtained at the frequency of 12 kHz and 19 kHz, select and install the location frequency with the lower level of interference, for example, 12 kHz. Set the required FX12/19 frequency of the transmitter to be paired with the location. The frequency is selected at the first start of the transmitter (when installing batteries into the battery compartment) and depends on the transmitter’s head position.

To switch 12 kHz frequency — hold the battery compartment up

If the transmitter is pointed with its head down (has the pitch value over minus 100%), after installing the batteries and jolt ramming/rotating of the transmitter for about 3-4 seconds, it will operate at the frequency of 12 kHz.

To switch 19 kHz frequency — hold the battery compartment down

If the same is done when installing the batteries to the transmitter`s head pointed up (has a pitch value over plus 100%), then, after about 3-4 seconds the transmitter will start operating at the frequency of 19 kHz.

Changing of frequency modes for FX 12/19 (FXL12/19) transmitter

Choice of FX12/19 frequency depends on transmitter’s positioning. After installing the batteries and jolt ramming/rotating of the transmitter, make sure you wait for the location display signal to appear. The signal will be displayed in 5 seconds — after transmitter’s initialization. Then, you may move the transmitter as you wish.


Changing the operating frequency of the transmitter requires a pause of 15 seconds without batteries in the power-off mode to completely discharge the transmitter and get ready to the mode switch. Otherwise, the frequency may not change.

If the pitch angle of the transmitter when switching on (battery installation) does not go over “minus 100 % — plus 100%”, the value of the set frequency does not change when you replace the batteries.

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