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Convenient caps for HDD sondes

Convenient caps for HDD sondes

We have reinvented caps for the sondes. For three years we have been persistently improving characteristics of the sondes. We have put on the market low-power, dual-frequency and even sondes with switchable power but patiently kept away from the issue of convenience of inserting batteries.

The cap extends beyond the edges of the battery compartment

Each time to open the battery compartment, it was necessary to look for a large coin to unscrew the cap, and if the cap was jammed, then, to decide how to take it off: to take an adjustable wrench for holding the coin and unscrew it with such a lever.

Now all of our sondes have new patented caps. The cap extends beyond the edges of the battery compartment. In the center there is a slot where you can insert a flat blade screwdriver or a small key. The sonde remained of the same size.

The cap extends beyond the edges of the battery compartment

New caps are easy and convenient to unscrew. Why haven’t we thought of this before?!

There is another advantage, now there is no problem of pulling the sonde out of the end-loading drill head to replace it or replace the batteries. Any hook-mounted tool is suitable, although, a specialized tool also exists. The design of the new cap is patented.

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