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88BG – review small-size beacon for SubSite 750/752

88BG – a small-size and highly-precise sonde for SubSite 750/752 and DitchWitch TKq

We would like to present to you our new high-precision sonde for HDD mini-machines and drilling units. The small-sized sonde 88BG for SubSite 750/752 and SubSite TKq is unique in its high-precision — 0.1% tilt measurement error. Earlier there was only 88B beacon known for its 1% precision error. This sonde is a mini-successor of the standard-size subsurface high-precision bestseller 86BGH which combined all strengths of 86B, 86BG, 86BH sondes.

Sonde size — D19×270 mm

88BG installation dimensions are equal to 88B beacon — D19×270 mm. Very low power consumption makes it possible to use any AA standard size battery including lithium 3.7 V batteries.

88BG uses standard cells of AA size

88BG uses standard cells of AA size

High-precision of tilt measurement — 0.1% error

For the first time high-precision makes it possible to accurately lay storm water drains with HDD mini-machines and drilling units.

Moreover, modernization touched upon and resulted in receiving quick data response by the location display — roll update delay is less than 1 second, tilt and temperature update delay — not more than 2 seconds.

Of course, in the absence of interference the operating depth does not exceed 9m, as with 88B beacon, but on order we can extend the operating depth range by one third. Power consumption will surely increase and then you may use lithium-ion batteries of AA standard size.

In case you are searching for 88B beacon or the similar one of the smaller size, please, email sales@hdd-electronics.com, the sondes are available in stock.

We would appreciate serving you in the best possible way.

88BG technical characteristics

Maximum operating depth with no interference: 9 m. (30 ft.)
Compatible with SubSite 750/752 TKR and Ditch Witch TKq
Tilt error: 0.1%
Roll: 12 positions
Dimensions: D19×270 mm (11.5 in x 0.9 in)
Battery size: 1 х АА

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