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FX12/19 Dual-Frequency Transmitters with 0.1% Pitch (12/19.2 kHz)

FX12/19 Dual-Frequency Transmitters with 0.1% Pitch (12/19.2 kHz)

Price: $1,895
180-days warranty

Dual-frequency HDD transmitter operates either at 12 or 19 kHz. The operating depth of the transmitter is up to 19.8 meters. It is compatible with locators DigiTrak F2 and F5.

The frequency of the transmitter is selected in the process of switching on of the battery in the "field conditions". The principle of switching on is similar to the switching on of the dual-frequency transmitter for the locator F5.

Operating time doubled

Maintaining the signal strength, refurbished FX sondes reduce the current consumption of battery twofold. Apart from the original FX12 sonde operating mode which has current consumption of 110 mA, the upgraded sonde has current consumption of 45-55 mA.

Maintainability in churn drilling rigs increased

Operating maintainability of sondes in churn drilling rigs increased - attachment of electronic elements which usually fall away with impact is reinforced.

Сondition Refurbished
Battery Type 2 C-cell alkaline, or 1 SuperCell, or 2 SAFT LSH14
Depth Range 65 ft (19.8 m)
Frequency 12/19.2 kHz
Length x Diameter 15 x 1.25 in. (38.1 x 3.175 cm)
Maximum Temperature 220° F (104° C)
Weight 1.4 lb (635 g)